Format: PS3
Publisher: Sony
Price: £TBC

Finally, a zombie game that captures the atmosphere of a zombie infested world burning down around you perfectly. As a zombie purist I’ve been let down by a continuously poor (lumbering) procession of zombie titles and tacked on DLC. Even Valve’s Left 4 Dead left me a little stale after prolonged play – suffice it to say then that I didn’t have high hopes for this title; boy was I wrong.
Dead Nation is an upcoming downloadable title on the Playstation Network that comes from Housemarque the guys behind Super Stardust HD. It follows the usual story line of a deadly virus sweeping the planet killing everyone and, to make matters worse, the dead are returning to life to feed on the last remaining humans – typical!

With the city in ruins a small pocket of survivors, armed to the teeth, are fighting back against the undead hordes infesting the streets. The controls are quite simple you use one stick to move and one stick to point in the direction you want to shoot it. Armed with rifles, SMGs, shotguns, grenades and mines (to name only a fraction of the arsenal available) you’ll soon be shredding zombies for fun; a short-range shotgun blast tearing them satisfyingly in half for example.

The story mode is playable solo or with a friend, either on the one console or online. The addition of a second player making proceedings much more entertaining and a tad easier as you might expect. Not too easy though as this is one difficult game, formulating a plan and packing enough weaponry essential to get to the next safe zone alive.

Wasting your grenades on a pile of easily shot zombies can have dire consequences once the tougher undead start turning up. If ammo is running low you can even use parts of the city to your advantage, for example if you shoot a car its alarm goes off, this draws the attention of the zombies who will all try to attack it; car goes boom and hey presto: dead become undead. You’ll constantly need to think on your feet in this if you are to stay alive.

The best aspect of the game is the atmosphere, the sense of fear and claustrophobia really quite unnerving. As you try to make it across the city to safety you are met with lots of dark streets with weird moans and groans coming form the back alleys and even stranger zombies hiding out in the shadows. One wrong move and you can find yourself outnumbered very quickly.

This is one to keep an eye out for as the dark December nights starts to draw in – highly recommended, just don’t have nightmares.