For: Xbox 360 Kinect
Developer: Double Fine
Publisher: Warner Bros.
When? Autumn 2011

What’s it all about? Sesame Street gets the Kinect Adventure treatment in a title which looks to speak to both adults and kids. Yes, I have boogied away to Grover’s take on Saturday Night Fever and lived to tell about it – mind you, it wasn’t pretty.

With the campaign (just because it’s about Elmo and not, say, Master Chief, it’s still a campaign) told across several pages of a children’s story book it’s the perfect alternative to reading out aloud to your 5-year-old. Although, come to think of it, perhaps getting your little ‘miracles’ all hyped up on Cookie Monster, et al, before bed possibly isn’t the best idea. Still it’s a lovely approach to what seems to be just a very wholesome game – ewww, did I really just say that?

The other level currently playable features Elmo riding rough-shod on the shoulders of Marco – a non-Sesame Street Double Fine made monster who’s birthday it just happens to be – while collecting glowing collectibles for want of a better description. The swaying and ducking mechanic responds well, there’s little lag and, if you have the space, two-players can run the gauntlet simultaneously and ever cooperatively which is a nice touch if your kid has friends round.

Worth the wait? For parent’s looking to get their kids up and jumping about certainly. For you cynical lot I can’t imagine it’s going to go above Gears 3 on your top priorities list but then methinks you aren’t quite the game’s target audience.