For: Xbox 360 via XBLA
Developer: Ska Studios
Publisher: Microsoft
When? Spring 2011

What’s it all about? Ska Studios, the one-man development team behind The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, is at it again, creating an even more beautifully stylised and wonderfully animated side-scrolling beat-em-up. This time Yuki, the Dishwasher’s stepsister, takes centre stage, as she looks to seek revenge on her wrongful imprisoners – and how better to do that than with giant scissors, mini-guns, hammers, swords, cleavers and well, you name it.

Even better, expect to be able to play through the campaign with two-players, either locally or via Xbox Live, and once you’ve clocked those there’s even the opportunity to take on waves of bad guys in a one-room onslaught in search of the highest score possible. All that and, assuming you have a 3DTV (a rather large assumption), you can play in a subtly layered world which is extremely easy on the eye.

Proper use of the right-stick proves key, causing Yuki and co to dash, almost teleport, a set distance to either the left or right, leaving their prey exposed and  so creating a window to unleash their next devastating attack. Button-mashing is a viable way to fight but getting to grips with the controls suddenly ushers in a world of attack & counter and the building of combos which can even lead to your opponent openly committing suicide rather than face another onslaught – awesome stuff.

Worth the wait? Absolutely. Think Shank but with a particularly devilish imagination palpable throughout as Yuki and The Dishwasher – the most crazed looking ‘heroes’ you’re likely to encounter hack their way through 13 levels of stylistic horror. In my 30 minute encounter I finished off more poor saps than I’d care to admit, the maelstrom of violence proving mesmeric and rewarding in a title which was easily the XBLA best of show at the Microsoft Spring Showcase.