Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Price: £39.99
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Nintendo

Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li and a horde of other fighters – this edition impressively featuring a roster some 35 strong – all make it intact to the 3DS, in easily the console’s most visually impressive launch title. SSFIV 3D is one slickly produced title, on a graphical par to its console based older brothers. OK, it isn’t quite as lovely but the sharpness of the small screen easily overcomes any minor blemishes in the animation.

Ultra combos have been particularly well integrated within the 3D, many launching the hapless recipient hurtling out of the screen; a lovely touch. Then there’s the brand new third-person viewpoint, not particularly beneficial to the player’s strategy, but immense in terms of watching the fight unfold; believe me you’ll find yourself ducking those punches, kicks and specials.

The 3DS’ analogue stick does a reasonable job of handling special moves, though can occasionally become a chore to use with prolonged play, particularly when attempting to launch those Ultras on demand. Rather that than resort to the ‘Lite’ control scheme though in our opinion; speaking of which…

The controversial inclusion of two control methods, Lite and Pro, might cause a few grievances amongst die hards. Lite mode does rather take the challenge out of the game, allowing all specials, ultras, etc., to be mapped directly to the touchscreen. Having Ryu launch a ‘Hadouken’ without pressing down and around, casts a distinct shadow on what should be a sacrosanct occasion. Performing ‘sonic boom’ and ‘flashkick’ attacks without charging back makes Guile ridiculously formidable too.

Pro mode fares a little more sensibly, allowing focus attacks and all three punch buttons, etc., to be mapped to the touchscreen, saving on finger cramp without compromising Street Fighter’s raison d’être – the logical, nay only, choice for any serious players.

Unless you happen to be a particular fan of Nintendogs, Super Street Fighter IV should be your first choice of launch title. A fine example of just what the 3DS can deliver and even its StreetPass functions are decent, with two consoles in proximity fighting away virtually depending on your trophies; most impressive.