We’ve all had time to sit down and assess the 3DS by now; most of us looking to the future, at the likes of the Zeldas, Snake Eaters, etc. But what about games which might one day make an appearance in shiny 3D? We present the top five unannounced games on our 3DS wish list and decide just how likely they are to happen:

Augmented Reality (AR) Super Mario

We’ve mentioned this in the passing already but just how amazing would an AR Mario title be? We’ve had 2D Super Mario, we’ve had his amazing first steps into a 3D world in Mario 64, how about tentative steps onto your coffee table? How cool would it be to have goombas and koopa troopers patrolling your tea cups? The tech seems to be there and surely Nintendo have the expertise to make it work.

Likelihood? Why introduce AR as part of the 3DS launch package if not to use it again? We’d say future AR titles are nailed on, why not start the ball rolling with the moustachioed plumber at the helm?

Halo: Combat Evolved 3DS

With Halo’s first entry rumoured to be getting the overhaul for Xbox 360 anyway, why not polish off a version for the 3DS too? Particular given Halo was apparently converted on to DS anyway for a tech demo anyway. It makes sense to us, Microsoft aren’t competing with Nintendo when it comes to handhelds, it would steal some of Sony’s NGP thunder, they’d make piles of money in the process from very little effort and an FPS done right on 3DS would be an amazing experience to boot.

Likelihood? Ha! Zero we’d imagine, despite the fact it makes complete sense to all parties involved. Here’s hoping to be proven wrong on this one…

Pikmin 3D

Long overdue a new entry, a third Pikmin was briefly hinted at by Shigeru Miyamoto as far back as E3 2008, were Nintendo thinking 3D even back then? Maybe, and the touchscreen plus depth would surely lend themselves perfectly to Pikmin’s chilled recipe of fetch and carry.

Likelihood? We’ll put our neck’s out and call this a definite by Summer 2012.

Portal 3DS

Valve’s Portal franchise is the kind of new approach to puzzle and first-person titles which would seem to lend itself perfectly to dedicated 3D. Already as much about spatial awareness as it is creative thinking, we could imagine Valve doing some great things on 3DS.

Likelihood: Given Valve’s hesitancy to stray far from the PC we’d think a sojourn to 3DS would be a step to far; a big shame.

Advance Wars 3D

Keep it turn-based but put a new sheen on the graphics and maybe – without overcomplicating of course – add a new plain to battles, allowing support from forces parallel to the fighting forces for example.

Likelihood? Pretty nailed on we’d say, when? Well if it isn’t announced at this year’s E3 we might be talking a year or more.