It can’t have failed to have escaped any Call of Duty: Black Ops fan’s attention that the Escalation map pack has emerged, stumbling its way on to XBLA and PSN (well, at some point you’d think…).

With it comes an update for Call of the Dead, Black Ops’ take on the zombie spin-off and something of a prerequisite these days what with Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare and Yakuza of the End and indeed Treyarch’s own Call of Duty: World at War which, in fairness, went some way to starting the whole craze in the first place.

What you’ve probably not seen as yet though, is the rather cool press release sent out in black envelopes to members of the gaming press; providing not just an XBLA code, but also a suitably blood-splattered screenplay of Call of the Dead’s introduction.

Check it out:

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