Does the Game Informer exclusivity agreement with Bethesda over the recently announced Dishonored represent a watershed moment in games industry PR? When deals take place which threaten the integrity of analysis (particularly the weeding of hyperbole understandably fed from press agencies) then surely we reach a point when the games press is no longer scrutinising and criticising games more merely serving as a conduit through which hype is blown into ever more cosmic proportions.

Perhaps Game Informer truly love the title – hell, here’s hoping it revolutionises the FPS genre and gaming as we know it – but at this early stage when you see quotes on the GI website like “Dishonored is the antithesis of a edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster ride,” and “This is a perfect storm for creating a game that shatters the mould that first-person action games have built for themselves in the mainstream,” you can’t help but question just what exactly is going on.

Then there’s the point that GI are clearly gaining hype for their magazine in turn as one hand washes the other. Just check out Dishonored’s official website which makes it very difficult to do anything but land on Game Informer’s site.

Game Informers introductory piece on the game (the first piece from a month of coverage) begs us to “Come on back on Monday for your first taste of what it means to be Dishonored.”

We’re beginning to think that the phrase might be applicable in more ways than one.