Let me qualify the title before anybody gets offended: PC gaming probably isn’t dead. So long as there are antisocial, overweight people playing with programming code in between cashing their benefit cheques, the spirit of the late 80s and early 90s will live on, and there will be cheap (or free) quality gaming for all.

What I mean is that PC gaming is dead in the minds of so many people, people who would laugh if you even suggested spending the cost of a week long cruise for two on a piece of gaming equipment. I think it proves that the big names in gaming PCs are out of touch with what the regular person wants.

Razer promised a lot before finally revealing the Blade laptop. They said that console gamers suffered; too busy being “part of the crowd” to realise the beauty of playing video games on a PC. But this situation was soon to end, they said, speaking as if something was coming that would change your life.

The reveal ended up being the Razer Blade laptop — an ironic moniker considering that’s exactly what depressed fans might have been reaching for after days of waiting for the assumed PC messiah. It features a touch screen, awesome specs and custom parts which allow for the ultimate in portability; a mere snip at just under $3,000.

The thing here is that the Razer Blade is an amazing package. If I could afford it (and if it was ever getting a release in Europe) I’d be first in line. But it’s also a sort of confirmation, a confirmation that PC gaming is very, very expensive. If you want to play the top games at top quality, expect to pay for it. Expect to have to put time, money and effort into your rig.

Most people aren’t interested in that, they want to stick in a disk and then play their hearts out. They don’t want to have to Google for DirectX errors or graphical mishaps, they want to know they’re getting a version of a game that has been play tested on systems not unlike their own.

The reason console gaming works is because it is so easy. It’s relatively cheap, it works without any effort and, if anything goes majorly wrong, you know it’s unlikely to be your system and either the developer or Sony/Microsoft will sort it out as soon as possible (even replacing broken consoles if you’re lucky).

What we need is for a company to release a ready-made PC that has a custom Windows OS that works similarly to consoles, a true gaming PC that does away with word processing and internet surfing and just plays the games. They could release regular, optional hardware packages to stores and it could be as simple to upgrade your graphics card as it is to upgrade your HDD on the PS3.

And while I’m sure some PC users are gagging right now, I honestly think it would do the PC a world of good. And while you’re at it, stick in a little advertising — let people know about the awesome deals on Steam.

It would make life that much easier for technophobes who want to play and enjoy the very best, but don’t understand the need for, say, a processor.

The only other proviso? Don’t make it cost three grand.