Price: $19.99 (£12.00 approx.)
Format: PC
Publisher: Telltale Games

Detective Inspector Hector lives in an unusual world — a world in which homeless orphans live in fridges and make matchstick houses, a world in which churches are converted into strip clubs and black market organ harvesters sit waiting with cash for anybody willing to part with their body parts.

In the first game of the series, Hector was forced to try and clean up his home town, Clappers Wreake, by a terrorist who wanted to see the town improved. In the second episode, you must discover the identity of that terrorist by any means necessary. And when we say any means necessary, well, we mean things you’d never even want to dream of.

Like other point and click adventure games, you’ll solve puzzles using items that hardly have anything to do with the task at hand. The puzzles are probably a little easier than in Hector Episode 1, relying on you saying the right thing to the right person sometimes, rather than using a keen eye and lateral thinking. This means you have to talk to each and every character, or else risk missing a key piece of a solution.

Characters are more varied than in the original game as well, with less chavs and more gun selling beauticians (with whom you must share a particularly memorable date). This leads to a feel of more characters but less memorable personalities, but still expect the odd crazy moment. The voice work is much improved in this episode, but there’s still an odd dip in sound quality when people shout.

The humour is perhaps a little weaker than in the hilarious first part, but it had a lot to live up to. The jokes are still as cringe-worthy and you’ll still feel guilty laughing at some of the less PC lines. There are a lot of cultural references which will age the game incredibly quickly, but for now raise a smile. Look out for references to both The Jeremy Kyle Show and Monkey Island, a sentence that I never thought I’d write.

Graphically, it’s nothing knock out. It’s very stylized and looks fit for purpose, but a word of warning to people with integrated graphics cards, I had a few issues that were not present in the first game.

You won’t find yourself struggling at all and the final video will sneak up on you out of nowhere. Senseless Act of Justice is not a very long episode, but it fits a lot in. Those looking for something with a tad more replayability, look elsewhere.

Hector’s return is not at all an unfortunate thing, although it’s a little earlier than expected. All the ingredients from the first episode are there, and, like a swearing steak, they leave the same satisfied (if slightly offensive) taste. But it doesn’t feel as though things have moved very much.

However, if you enjoyed the original episode, you are unlikely to be very disappointed; even if by the end of the story At most the journey the overarching story has only progressed marginally.