Jason Bergman – Senior producer on Fallout: New Vegas

Anyone else think it’s awesome that we’re getting new Syndicate and X-COM games at the same time? Wrong genre, but still, games is games!


Ryan Taljonick PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Assistant Editor

Man, the more I see Vita gameplay, the more excited I get. Super pumped.


Splash Damage

Cake damage! Turns out tapirs are delicious: twitpic.com/6lrq7m

GC: 10 years of Splash Damage? It can’t be can it?


Official PlayStation blog

Watch 10 minutes of UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss running on PS Vita: http://bit.ly/nXTrgc Doesn’t look like a handheld game, does it?


J Eckert Online Producer at EA

I’m really liking Driver SF… but they *so* half-assed the map of San Francisco, as a native it’s rather annoying! (And disorienting!)


James Gallagher Manager of the European PlayStation

I just stumbled across this PlayStation Picture Quiz, one of the first projects I worked on when I joined SCEE:http://picturequiz.software.eu.playstation.com/playstation_quiz_en_GB.php


So, turns out the Resi 6 trailer at TGS is fake. If we found the person responsible, WE’D FIGHT THEM. Check it here:http://bit.ly/rqbIIP


James Rhodes Indie Games Developer

Portal 1 is free on Steam until Sep 20. If you’ve somehow managed to not own Portal for the last 4 years, then you can get it now. #doit


This Friday, we’d like to get some #kudos going for our staff! Why not take a moment to tweet us about any great GMs that have helped you?


Microsoft Xbox.com games guy

Seriously Kotaku/Gizmodo? Images of the Oslo killer in action? Not all all pertinent to your sites. #shamelssclickseeking


Nolan North, actor and voice over specialist

Getting ready for my trip to London and the Eurogamer Expo to promote #uncharted3 and “Drake’s Journal”


Larry Hryb

My side arm for the rest of my meetings today. I’ve got 5 full rounds of rubber band ammo, so watch out. say.ly/kUeIjm


Cliff Bleszinski

I love hungover journalists.

GC: We’ve experienced CliffyB on a hangover ourselves – enough said!


Official PlayStation blog

Wanted: PS3 Tetris experts: bit.ly/p4AVdr The creator of Tetris needs you!


John Carmack

Single draw call test scene at 800 x 600 x 32 bit texture x 4x MSAA at > 2000 fps. GPUs are really, really, really fast nowadays.

GC: JC gets all hot and bothered for a new GPU, but how does it run on 360 and PS3?


J Eckert Online Producer at EA

Just had a Dev Director in a meeting say to me “let’s just lock you in a room with a Swede and see what pops out”.


Jason Fader

You know it’s the end of a project when you and the publisher only communicate in memes…


Felicia Day: Actress, New Media Geek, Gamer, Misanthrope

I will be featured in the @DragonAge II DLC: Mark Of The Assassin bit.ly/pVZMmx same character as the web series, both October 11!


Rockstar Games

A few #MaxPayne3 facts for those who are asking:

1) Yes, that is the voice of James McCaffery, original voice actor from Max Payne 1 and 2…

2) Max Payne 3 is running on a new iteration of Rockstar’s RAGE engine

3) Today’s Max Payne 3 trailer is all in-game footage rsg.ms/pDWwKQ

4) Like GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 uses the Natural Motion character behavior system for lifelike weight and movement

5) No, Max Payne 3 is not an open world game – we’re staying true to Max’s roots in atmosphere, story and gameplay design