It has been a busy week with the launch of the third title in a little franchise called, Gears of War 3. We also had the UK launch of OnLive, with visitors at the Eurogamer Expo receiving a special gift. Damn them.

Let’s see what the world of twitter had to say…


aka: Larry Hryb

It’s @therealcliffyb @whereispauljr and @gearsviking at the #Gears3 launch

@OnLive OnLive, Inc.

First stop, Big Ben! #OLUKLaunch

GC: To celebrate the UK Launch of OnLive, the team went sight-seeing around London.

@notch Markus Persson

Why it’s huge: Non-random particles moving faster than light (or rather, faster than c) can be used to send information backwards in time.

GC: Minecraft’s Notch explains to his followers why particles moving faster than the speed of light would be such a big deal.

@therealcliffyb Cliff Bleszinski

Camping is just as viable as is rolling and wallbouncing. That’s the point of *cover*. Also, always check your corners and your six!

GC: Camping is for noobs Cliff, deal with it.


Konami’s main mouthpiece

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Coming to PSN September 27

@EA Electronic Arts

You’ve waited long enough: Star Wars: The Old Republic will release on 12/20 (US) and 12/22 (EU). More details:

GC: Can’t wait! Looks like Christmas is cancelled this year.

@loonyboi jason bergman

So Gears 3…this is the one where the two dudes finally confess their love for each other, right? I mean, they’re not fooling anyone here.

@GamesCatalyst Games Catalyst

@loonyboi Nothing wrong with a bit of bromance. I’m sure Gears would make a great RomCom though.

GC: Don’t forget to follow us, @GamesCatalyst.

@therealcliffyb Cliff Bleszinski

Funfact: Gears 3 was codenamed Rift. So when that MMO came out it confused the hell out of us.

GC: Unlike the real Rift, Gears 3 seems to be a success.

@feliciaday Felicia Day

Is there an official way to spell the sound a fart makes? Thwwwwww? Fffgggfffggg? Pbbbbb? Suggestions? Asking for literary curiosity.

GC: That’s just disturbing, Felicia.

@GamesCatalyst Games Catalyst

@therealcliffyb given an “A” on GC:

GC: That’s right. Check out our review of Gears3 already.

@locust9 David Goldfarb

Done w Space Marine. Solid game. Loved the combat mechanics. On to Gears 3!

GC: We agree with you, David. Check out our Space Marine review and praise the Emperor!

@DylanJobe Dylan Jobe

The storytelling panel at #FantasticFest was good fun! We talked everything from Starhawk to Bioshock to Uncharted to Angry Birds! :-0

GC: Angry Birds…

@garywhitta Gary Whitta

@therealcliffyb @leah Working on it! No gf problem a hot lancer can’t fix!

GC: From our experience, we strongly discouraging you from trying this (Gary’s anniversary coincided with the release of Gears3).

@majornelson Larry Hryb

If your Halo: Reach ‘preview disc’ is no longer working, you’ll want to read this

GC: Or just throw it away and play a real game.


We’re looking for the best FINAL FANTASY XIII / XIII-2 quiz questions. Got a good one? Let us know!

GC: We’ve got one – does it let you explore like a ‘proper’ FF game?

@PlayStation PlayStation

New videos in the Home Community Theater from SOCAST & HomeCast Rewind (topic: Resistance 3) + free

@sargonas J Eckert

@Matoyak sorry you wont change my mind. Making “Hardcore” equal to other games “Easy” is crap design. My mind has been made up :)

GC: Uh ho, elitist alert. Well… someone had to say something bad about Gears3.