feliciaday Felicia Day

@majornelson OMG Orcs mut Die is really fun I played it at PAX!

NSSteph Stephanie Bayer

I would totally fight a raptor right now for some M&Ms.

GC: We know the feeling, Stephanie. One GC hack once had to wrestle a seagull for a bag of chips.

TheChrisGlass Chris Glass

There’s a Dirty Dancing facebook game. on.fb.me/qmrnqP O_O

GC: Oh no, they didn’t.

giordanobc GiordanoContestabile

In October, Android activations will pass the 1M / day mark. This means 500M+ Android users by end 2012 bit.ly/pJxBvN

GC: No good can come of this, we’ve seen Terminator.

codecow Louis Gascoigne

Dark Souls vs Rage which are you getting/playing first and why?

GC: Both at the same time because we’re like that – reviews to follow soon…

sargonas J. Eckert

@majornelson @thevowel I really <3 companies who have the balls to say “Oops, our bad, that was human error.” It goes a long way.

majornelson Larry Hryb

We had an issue with Xbox LIVE earlier today. @thevowel explains a little about what happened mjr.mn/r2kcnp

OneOfSwords Dan Amrich

Activision Indie Games Competition 2 starts now bit.ly/nnyLZO

alex_navarro Alex Navarro

For reasons I cannot currently explain, I am in a room full of children, cookies, and Christmas decorations.

GC: We don’t want to know, Alex.

notch Markus Persson

Reg:Scrolls trademark, we applied for it as part of a standard process. We told Zenimax we’d gladly drop it. They still sued us.

PlayStation PlayStation

What classic SEGA franchise is coming to PSN on 10/25? Guess correctly and you could win it: bit.ly/rgZDI3

atari atari

Check it out! You can now play Atari’s Greatest Hits with the official Atari Arcade – Duo Powered joystick. http://bit.ly/qIOXVm

Capcom_Unity Capcom-Unity

The Coolest Mega Man Art You’ll See Today bit.ly/oWCcVj

splashdamage Splash Damage

QUAKE Wars is 4 this week, so we’re looting our archives. First stop: QuakeCon 2007 photos: http://ow.ly/6M08U

GC: Ahh, Quakecon. Good memories.


The History of Battlefield go.ign.com/ruv4nn

Raptr Raptr

Hot on Raptr: These top 10 gaming moments will leave you scratching your noggin thinking W-T-F?! goo.gl/uOeGE

sledgehammer70 Mathew Everett

On that note! Know any kick ass CM’s? THQ is on the look out for epic CM’s who can throw down and kick off some amazing titles.

Lead_wotawaster Will

My ‘to read’ pile keeps getting bigger and bigger and I blame it all on Tower Defense HD killing all my down time

Battlefield Battlefield

Check out Razer’s new BF3 products, including BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard, Onza controller, and Imperator mouse!bit.ly/qx4968 #BF3

GC: They will milk anything these days. Don’t forget to buy our Games Catalyst beer mats!

sargonas J. Eckert

Oh god.. several of the executives sitting near me are taking turns repeating Jack Nicholson’s rant from A Few Good Men #NoGoodCanComeOfThis

GC: Don’t say it….