Guns are the bedrock of the mainstream’s perception of videogames and, whether we like it or not, they’re here to stay. You only have to take a glance at the best sellers lists to realise that, but just because every game and its dog seems to be about filling your foes full of hot lead, doesn’t mean that there’s no innovation in the field. Here, we’re going to take a look at five of the best guns in gaming – and yes, there’s no BFG, just too obvious. Deal with it:

Bullseye – Resistance: Fall of Man

It’d be entirely possible to fill this list twice with Insomniac Games’ contributions to wacky videogame weaponry, but instead we’ve plumped for the Bullseye. Simple and elegant, the Bullseye lets you tag a target with a homing device, then shoot the crap out of it whilst you’re hiding round a corner. The ultimate mix of form and function, the Bullseye reaches the places other assault rifles can’t, and likely saves your life in the process.

Ebony & Ivory – Devil May Cry

If there’s one thing that action cinema in the eighties and nineties taught us, it was that reloading was something that didn’t really need to happen. Infinite clips are where it’s at, and Devil May Cry understands that all too well. Sure, the series featured more impressive weapons, like a briefcase that could transform into 666 different weapons, but Ebony and Ivory were cooler, letting Dante perform balletic acts of slaughter the likes of which we’d never seen before.

Digger Launcher – Gears of War 3

One thing Epic could never be accused of is resting on their laurels. Gears of War 3 offers plenty of new ways to kill and be killed, and the most interesting (or annoying, if someone of the other side has it) of them is the Digger. An anti rocket launcher, instead of spewing death over cover, this beast sends a projectile burrowing underneath it, killing when it comes into contact with an enemy. Cheeky, overpowered, and a little bit ingenious.

Wave Cannon – R-Type

Wave Cannons are the ultimate risk and reward weapon. You need to charge them up to fire, which means forgoing the use of any other weapons. Essentially, you’re a sitting duck, weaving through enemy fire, waiting to unleash a storm of death if you get the chance. It’s a clever system, and one that a lot of games have copied. When your gamble pays off, and your blast destroys everything in its path, you can’t help but smile.

Coil Suit Helmet – MDK

Alongside a wicked sense of humour and genre defining levels of action, Shiny’s MDK had its all purpose weapon housed in the pointed helmet of chief protagonist Kurt Hectic’s Coil Suit. Part sniper rifle, part infinitely bulleted machine gun, the Coil Suit’s helmet is visually iconic and really useful to boot. Throw in bullet mounted kill cams, some hilariously named secondary weapons and a multi-armed, psychotically violent robot dog, and it’s easy to see why MDK has stood the test of time. Bet you all want helmet guns now, don’t you?