A look at some of the gifts you should be picking up this Christmas for the special gamer in your life.

Angry Birds Plushies
Where from? www.amazon.co.uk
How much? £8.95-£23.95

Nothing says ‘I’m a hardcore gamer’ like a selection of cuddly toys from the biggest casual game ever created. All your favourites are here, the red one that looks the angriest, the sad looking blue one, and a yellow one that looks like something unpleasant has just wiggled under its feathers. You can even buy a squishy version of one of those blasted pigs, and so recreate the game using household items. Fun for literally minutes of family fun on Christmas day, especially those who don’t have smartphones.

Isotoner Smartouch Gloves
Where from? www.firebox.com
How much? £14.99-£24.99

Wrapping up against the cold is probably the best advice anyone ever gave you, but everyone knows that wearing gloves means you can’t play on your phone. Sure, you could go fingerless, but then your fingers will get cold and you’ll look a bit like a tramp. The Isotoner Smartouch gloves are the answer to your quandary, delightfully cosy, yet still able to be detected by the most sensitive of capacitive touchscreens. Available in a variety of colours to suit both ladies and gents, meaning anyone can experience toasty fingered gaming on the go.

Insert Coin Monteriggioni Hoodie
Where from? www.insertcoinclothing.com
How much? £35.00-£40.00

Some gaming wear is just a bit naff. There, I’ve said it. It’s all logos and big swords and ‘ooh I’m a super nerd please flush my head down the nearest toilet’. Insert Coin do things differently, they make gaming inspired clothing that you’d be happy to be seen in. The cream of their current crop is this Assassin’s Creed inspired number, which lets you show any Templars out there that you mean business. There’s even a cool eagle peak on the hood – perfect for posing moodily at the top of tall buildings.

Calibur 11 Battlefield 3 Console Vault
Where from? www.calibur11.co.uk/battlefield-3
How much? £64.99

You’ve probably spent many an hour staring at your console thinking that, while it looks all right, it’s lacking that special something that’ll set it apart from all the other humdrum consoles. Well, Calibur 11 have the answer – stick some weaponry on to it! The Battlefield Vault is more than just a collection of explosives tacked onto your console though, it also helps cool your favourite play thing meaning you can shoot people for longer without any sort of fire risk. Plus, bits of it glow orange, which as everybody knows is the most Christmassy colour of all.

Logitech MW3 PC Gaming Bundle
Where from? www.logitech.com
How much? £119.00

If you prefer your gaming to be of the PC variety, and you like warfaring in the modern era (see what we did there), then Logitech have the perfect gift for you. A Modern Warfare 3 branded keyboard and mouse that not only look the business, but delivers some pretty impressive technical specs. Programmable keys allow you to perform combinations of actions at the touch of a button and the mouse has all kinds of fancy gadgets that will enable you to kill people more efficiently.

Where from? www.thehut.com
How much? £149.99

Sometimes, you just have to look at the world and have a good old laugh. What started out as a ThinkGeek.com April fool, has now turned into an actual, functioning product that you can send to your loved ones this festive season. The Invadercade is a charging dock for your iPad that doubles up as an arcade style controller, complete with a stick, buttons, Space Invaders game and some old fashioned art daubed along the side. It’s a brilliantly stupid idea, perhaps best not get it out on the tube though.

Gears of War 3 Tritton Headset
Where from? www.amazon.co.uk
How much? £149.99

Sometimes, you just can’t hear the insults being flung in your direction over Xbox Live clearly enough. I’m sure it’s a problem we’ve all encountered, but now there’s a solution. A solution that also lets you show your allegiance to Epic’s brutish, muscular third-person shooter. The headset is an impressive piece of kit, with Dolby 7.1 surround and it even works on non-Gears of War games. Cliff Bleszinski will not be happy.

X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair
Where from? www.argos.co.uk
How much? £129.99

Standing up is hard work, and sitting down sometimes doesn’t feel extreme enough. Luckily, X Rocker have come up with the answer – a gaming chair that not only lets you sit down, but that has a built in wireless sound system as well. A swivelling base is included, letting you live out all of your Bond villain fantasies, and the whole thing looks like it’s been ripped from the cockpit of a futuristic jet fighter. Nothing says ‘I’m a mature, intelligent grown up’, like having a chair that looks like it was designed for a cancelled sci-fi show.

Tomb Raider Statue
Where from? www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk
How much? £249.99

Sure, you might be too old to play with action figures and dolls now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have amazing pieces of gaming art adorning the shelving in your hip, modern living space. And what better than a statue of everyone’s favourite buxom gaming icon, Ms. Croft herself. Look! She’s sliding down some ancient ruins with an Uzi, just like that bit in the game! It’d look great as the centrepiece of your Christmas table, just put a bit of tinsel around the base and a Santa hat atop her head.

Arcade Mania Sitdown Arcade Machine
Where from? www.cobotech.co.uk
How much? £ 1,498.95

Who wants a boring old coffee table in the middle of the room, taking up valuable space that could be used for something important? The Arcade Mania is a piece of nostalgic gaming design, coming with 150 titles built into it that also doubles up as a place to put your junk mail and takeaway menus when you’re not using it. You can even get optional stools and at this price you’ll really know your parents/significant other/flatmate loves you if it’s under your tree come Christmas morning.