Price: £4.50
Format: 3DS, DSi via eShop
Developer: Gamelion
Publisher: Gamelion

Another Nintendo eStore game to challenge the grey matter arrives, this time in the form of Doodle Fit, an inventive take on the shape-fitting genre where by preset blocks must be set in the form of a preordained pattern.

It’s beginnings are benign enough of course, a square outline must be filled by four Tetris-esque blocks, these simple starters soon make way for the main course however, as shapes as diverse as lions, laser guns and even the Greek alphabet must be filled with ever increasing numbers and forms of blocks.

If you’re a fan of the genre then you’ll be faced with not only a fine example of the genre but one whose presentation is top-notch too, the act of drawing blocks and their colour scheme akin to a child’s colouring book.