Price: £0.69
Format: iOS
Developer: Chillingo
Publisher: Chillingo

Woody Woodpecker, where exactly have you been? In development for the iPad it seems.

This officially licensed product sees Woody and friends – that’s Ms. Woody, Mr. Meany, Chilly Willy, etc. – racing on skateboards, roller skates and more across various hilly landscapes. Quite why is never apparent, though perhaps it’s because they’re addicted to the superior Tiny Wings, so similar does the central idea – to use momentum to glide through the air – prove.

Action is viewed from a side-on perspective and it’s up to you to judge when to have Woody jump or gain speed as the lay of the land dictates. Speed boosts and weapons mix things up while completionists will enjoy the thumbs-up rating system which marks each race, but even the keenest Woody fan won’t remain entertained for long.