Shu Takumi’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was one of our favourite games of last year, justifiably earning its place on our ‘Best Games of 2012‘ list and, having spooked the DS, its now haunting up Apple’s app store, thus immediately making it a must have for iPhone and iPad owners alike in our opinion.

Playing the ghost of a murder victim who has to unravel who he is, why his was murdered and whodunnit might not seem the most likely of winners but believe us, it works. Add in some of the most hilarious character animations we’ve ever witnessed and some deftly thought out puzzles and you have a winner.

Even better the first two chapters of the game are free – you know, just to get you nice and hooked – with subsequent chapters to be available will be available in three different packs for £2.99 each or £6.99 for all chapters through In-App Purchase.