Another Forza release so soon after last year’s Forza Motorsport 4 gives us ground for speculation, not least because those in the know are keeping particularly tight-lipped about it.

What we do know is that the project is an expansion of the Forza franchise, is due for Autumn 2012 and is being co-developed between Turn 10, as usual, but also Leamington Spa based developer Playground Games.

A new kid on the block they might be but being largely made up of ex-Codemasters staff their pedigree is impressive, their portfolio sporting the likes of Colin McRae and Dirt for example.

The rumour is that we might be looking at a Forza title which takes online to a whole new level, a massively multiplayer racer if you like. More on that once E3 rolls around but, for now, petrolheads will have to make do with what Microsoft are calling the game’s ‘tone’ trailer: