Rockstar Games have released the latest trailer for upcoming shooter Max Payne 3. The video details the core features of Max Payne 3 multiplayer, with a specific look at the integration of Max Payne’s signature gameplay elements, including the use of Bullet Time for a first time online, and how new modes of play such as ‘Gang Wars’ and ‘Payne Killer’ work.

‘Gang Wars’ is Max Payne 3’s flagship multiplayer mode, delivering immersive, story-based rounds of matches using warring factions from the single player game. New branching storylines in this mode dynamically change objectives based on the outcome of each round.

‘Payne Killer’ gives players a chance to play as Max Payne and his partner, Raul Passos in a blend of co-operative and competitive play. Outnumbered by enemy players, Max and Passos must band together, fighting off other players and using signature weapons, Bullet Time and painkillers to stay alive.

Max Payne 3 goes on general sale on 18 May and having played the game recently suffice it to say its well and truly on our radar.