Outspoken Minecraft developer Notch has announced details of his latest project 0x10c.

While at pains to state that the game is still early in its development, Notch has confirmed that he’s hopeful the space game will be shaped by players as it grows and is likely to demand a monthly fee for joining the ‘Multiverse’, though he’s hopeful single player content won’t have any recurring fees.

The official website for the game delves further into the features of the game with aspects such as space battles, seamless landing on planets, advanced economy system and mining, trading, and looting all mentioned.

More intruiguing still is the idea that your ship’s onboard computer ‘is a fully functioning emulated 16 bit CPU that can be used to control your entire ship, or just to play games on while waiting for a large mining operation to finish.’

It’s obviously early days yet, but given the open nature of Minecraft it stands to reason we can expect a fully explorable, highly customisable venture into deep space.

No release date or potentially supported systems have yet to be announced.