Nintendo and Aardman Animations – they of Wallace and Gromit and Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists fame – have collaborated to produce a series of animated 3D shorts starring everyone’s farmyard favourite Shaun the Sheep.

The Raising the Baaaaa! making of video charts Shaun’s journey from concept, to schedule board, to story board, to model and finally to a 3D episode on your Nintendo 3DS.

The clip also explores how each specific character is made and shows a sneak-peek of an upcoming episode where Shaun parodies a famous character from Nintendo. What’s more impressive is the level of detail in design and planning which goes into creating the best 3D effect on Nintendo’s console.

Fans of Shaun and his farmyard friends can already enjoy the first few 3D installments of Shaun the Sheep with more to follow on 3DS’ SpotPass and Nintendo Video channels.