Video game veterans David Perry, Ian Livingstone, Philip Oliver and David Braben will speak at Develop in Brighton this summer as part of the conference’s brand new Visionaries Track in Brighton’s Hilton Metropole taking place between 10th-12th July.

The Visionaries Track is being introduced to give Develop in Brighton delegates a unique opportunity to hear and learn from some of the industry’s most influential, inventive and inspirational entrepreneurs.

David Perry (Earthworm Jim) and and Philip Oliver (Dizzy) will present “Reloaded sessions Relearning from the masters: 1980s development”. Half hour talks inspired by the way the industry has come full circle since the 80s, with a specific look at what can we learn from the past.

‘I’m really excited about presenting a Reloaded session at Develop – it’s a great opportunity for us old-timers to share what we’ve learned with upcoming developers,’ said Dave Perry. ‘Many people say they enjoy conferences the most when they get something concrete to take home, that can be ideas, answers and connections. We asked ourselves could we deliver them all in a new kind of Develop session and the answer is, we can.’

Additional sessions include: Ian Livingstone (Deathtrap Dungeon): From Dungeons to Downing Street and David Braben (Frontier): Raspberry Pi so far.

‘The games industry has come a long way in a short time. Its social, cultural and economic impact on society is finally being recognised in government and mainstream media. But celebration of the art form is not enough,’ said Ian Livingstone, Eidos life president.

‘The new digital landscape requires new skills and access to finance for the next generation of creative talent to succeed, building on the great legacy of the UK’s trailblazing developers. From my experiences with Games Workshop, Fighting Fantasy, Eidos, working with government and investing in Indies, I hope to help point the way.’