We’ve already shared our thoughts on Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s action-RPG with one foot in the mythology of ancient Greece and the other tentatively straying into the swordplay and ballistic effects of Devil May Cry.

Everything from the richness of its open world to action of the opening quests we’ve witnessed suggests Capcom might well pull off the brave step away from traditional Japanese-RPG to more the action-orientated western style of adventures. Meanwhile the addition of Pawns – AI-driven warriors who can be called from the ether (otherwise known as Xbox Live and PSN) to aid you in you quest – lends the game that certain something; especially as Pawns who’ve already played through a section of the game in the command of another play will actually feed back their past experience to make your own apssage that much more assured.

Before the final verdict however, witness the game’s launch trailer for yourself to see just why the Dragon’s Dogma is raising so many eyebrows amongst fans of action games and RPGs alike.