Capcom has announced that Okami will be re-born this autumn as a digital download on Sony’s PlayStation Network; Okami HD set to feature HD upscaling making what was one of the PS2′s most beautiful releases ‘even more stunning’.

Taking traditional Japanese folklore and mythology for inspiration, Okami saw Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, taking the form of a wolf to do battle with a tyrannical monster who has turned the world into a ruined wasteland.

Initially released to critical acclaim back in 2006, Clover Studio’s Okami is set within classical Japan and was most notable for its cell-shaded visual style and paint mechanic through which players can affect the environment.

To create an even more immersive experience, Capcom has announced that players will be able to take advantage of the PS Move motion controller as they play Okami HD, allowing them to literally make artistic strokes as they use Amaterasu’s “Celestial Brush” to defeat enemies and solve puzzles.

Those either without Move, or looking for a more conventional experience, will be pleased to hear that DualShock 3 controllers will also be fully supported, while the game is set to retail at £15.99.