Heavy Rain developer Quantum Dream have finally unveiled their next project after months of speculation, the announced PS3 game entitled Beyond Two Souls all set to take us on journey beyond the grave as we take part in 15 years of the life of Jodie Holmes.

No normal woman, Jodie has a gift – or should that be curse – which means she’s able to speak to a spirit, known only as “Aidan”, who is seemingly tethered to Jodie, though by no means under her full control.

Our behind closed doors peek at the game confirmed that players would be able to control both Jodie and Aidan as the action dictated, Aidan being controllable via Sixaxis motion control and able to interact with non-organic objects and even able to possess humans with a certain kind of aura.

Fans of Heavy Rain will find the quick-time event nature of Jodie’s movements familiar, though creative director David Cage was at pains to point out the degree if choice in where you can direct Jodie – something Heavy Rain was never particularly able to offer.

Though we were privy to a section of the game full of action, chasing and explosion as Jodie looked to escape a SWAT team with the help of Aidan, Cage then threw down yet another shocker claiming that the scene was the ‘only such action scene in the game’ – it just made for the best part of the code to demo at a show apparently.

Just when we were beginning to think we understood the game too…