New games developer nobodinos (pronounced ‘nobody knows) has been founded by game industry veterans David Kern and Russ Phillips, formerly of Zipper Interactive which was recently dismantled by Sony.

Also joining the team are Jay Banchero and Tom Keen, rounding out a strong creative core of experience described as having a ‘passion for creativity and fun.’

The new company will be targeting games for the social and mobile marketplace and its first title Bottom Feeders is already underway and is currently being tested in focus groups. The game does not have an official release date as yet but will be released ‘soon’ on facebook.

In addition to making its own games nobodinos is set to also offer creative services, with a network of talent ready to be unleashed on your project. ‘We can help finish a game, start a new one or anything in between,’ goes the studio’s introductory press release which also confirms the developer is currently working on an undisclosed title.