Frozen Synapse, that blurring of real-time and turn-based strategy, is inching ever nearer to its iPad release and to show how the conversion is coming along developers Mode 7 have release a trailer explaining how the new touchscreen interface enhances their game.

In Frozen Synapse players take asynchronous turns to plan the moves of their fire squad independently of their competitors before committing to their well hatched scheme. Ingeniously your opposite number is doing the exact same, with each well rehearsed plan rapidly changing as your soldiers take your theoretical strategy out into the unpredictable battlefield in a addictive game of strike and counter.

Mode 7 have confirmed that the iPad version will have fully cross-platform play, and that they are ‘definitely still considering the possibility of doing Android and phone versions,’ though have yet to confirm a price point or release date for their strategy game which is so far available for PC and Mac only.