NIS America has announced Clan of Champions, a multiplayer action game set to be released later this summer for the PS3 via Sony’s PlayStation Network and developed by Acquire Corp., best known for the Tenchu series.

Set in a medieval fantasy world of magic and mystery, players will choose from three different races – human, elf, or orc – and take on a variety of combat-based missions, each of which is different in content and length. You can play by yourself or with 2 others in the online co-op mode. There is also a 3-vs-3 team battle mode where you can fight your friends or rival teams.

Clan of Champions will also offer a variety of fighting styles and magical spell sets, the chance to literally strip the enemy of gear during a fight and the opportunity to create a unique warrior via custom specialisation and stat distribution.

Interestingly NIS has also confirmed that the game will be available on Steam later this year, though won’t be featuring on Xbox 360′s XBLA service as initially rumoured.