Sega Europe has confirmed that following recent restructuring it will be shifting business to focus on developing new and existing digital content, as well as driving key IP for packaged goods.

An official press release stating: ‘The company has realigned its business strategy and will be closing its offices in France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Benelux.

‘Koch Media has been appointed to assist SEGA with distribution across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain of packaged goods, Level03 Distribution and 5 Star Games will assist with distribution across Benelux and Australia respectively which will be implemented from the 1st July 2012.

‘All other territories will continue to be run through the same channels as before, and along with Koch, Level03 and 5 Star, will be managed through the SEGA Europe Headquarters based in London.’

Jurgen Post, COO of SEGA Europe commented: ‘SEGA is entering a new and exciting phase that will position the company as a content led organisation maximising sales with strong and balanced IP such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and the Aliens franchise. The company will benefit from a clear focus and realigned strategy for our digital business and packaged goods and we are confident that this will lead to a successful future.’