Keen to thank Nvidia for the PC hardware they’d provided to run their game, Craig Derrick, producer of the freshly announced Star Wars 1313 wasn’t fooling anybody with his rhetoric of ‘we can’t confirm what consoles the game will be be available on’ after our behind closed doors look at the game.

Only really describable as staggering, the small chunk of in-game footage was ahead of anything we’ve seen before, as what seemed to be a beautifully rendered introductory sequence transitioned seamlessly to controllable gameplay.

Jaws dropped as bounty hunters exchanged blaster fire with droids attempting to board the ship, and then hit the floor as the ships plunging down toward the shadowy level 1313 collided into each other, leaving the player’s character to clamber up the spiraling, exploding hull of his ship with Nathan Drake like athleticism as the scenery flashed by at exhilarating speeds.

LucasArts might not have been able to share what systems they were planning to release on but were able to tell us how Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’ visual effects studio and the very same team who created the Hulk for the recents Avengers film, are assisting in creating such amazing visuals.

They even showed us a video of an actor clad in motion capture garb that included two face-mounted cameras to capture every single twitch in a similar way to what we’ve seen in Rockstar’s LA Noire; though perhaps even more impressive with actors able to move around whilst wearing the tech, rather than being sat down rigidly in a chair.

One thing’s sure, if 1313 is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 the drop in visual detail will be so much as to leave high-end PC users light years ahead.