Microsoft has taken the next steps to deliver Xbox SmartGlass this autumn by releasing the Xbox SmartGlass Software Development Kit (SDK) as a free release for partners that have agreements to develop Xbox games or entertainment applications for the Xbox 360 console.

SmartGlass is an application for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and other portable devices that connects phones, PCs and tablets with your Xbox 360 console in an intelligent way. Use your phone or tablet as a means to access enhanced information for your favourite games or to launch and navigate a movie on your TV and get rich details on the cast, crew and storyline. Pull the movie back to your tablet to finish watching it on the go and use your phone or tablet as another remote and easily navigate your entertainment and menus by simple flicks, gestures and pinch and zoom.

Features of the SDK include the following:

Xbox SmartGlass Studio. Xbox SmartGlass Studio enables developers to start building Xbox SmartGlass Activities.

Xbox SmartGlass JavaScript Library. The JavaScript Library contains a set of device APIs that are consistent across all platforms.

Sample Code. A sample application that provides developers with an example of how to build an Xbox SmartGlass Activity.

Xbox 360 developers (or those just interested to have a closer look) can access the SDK at