Ubisoft have released another trailer in the build up to the debut of Assassin’s Creed 3 due to launch on 31st October. This time the focus is on the “AnvilNext” engine, which is set to inject a whole heap of fresh loveliness into the franchise, from frolicking deer to naval combat and epic war scenes.

1,000 animations have been built into the character model of protagonist Connor alone, as he sets about making his way through rich environments with a swagger and realism as yet unseen in an Assassin’s Creed title. Enough indeed to have the studio declaring that he’s the ‘most detailed third-person action character ever created’.

Released sequences in the new trailer highlight the natural way Connor interacts with his environment, fluidly shimmying up trees and kicking his war through deep snows, before taking advantage of the degree of movement afforded him by plunging a bayonet-equipped musket straight through one hapless red coat, before blasting the soldier at his side with its shot.

Battle scenes will apparently be fought by up to 2,000 non-player characters simultaneously; while all four seasons, glacial environments and leaping from many a tall building will all feature.

It’s enough to make you question whether we really need a new generation. Or at least it would be if I hadn’t seen the staggering Watch Dogs, another Ubisoft title, just before I took ingameplay footage of AC3 at this year’s E3.