FIFA 13 is set to feature a new addition called ‘Football Club Match Day’ that is looking to connect the game and real world of sport. FIFA 13 and the impending football season will be completely connected for the world’s top leagues as news will be ripped from headlines around the world and slotted into your own FIFA 13 season. Real world drama such as injuries, suspensions, team form, and media gossip will be reflected through commentary and play out in-game.

‘This is a huge technological innovation that will make every match feel like a seamless extension of the headlines ripped from the football pages around the world,’ said David Rutter, executive producer of FIFA 13. ‘There is nothing bigger in the world of sports than match day. It brings together the emotions, passion and drama of the world’s sport for players, pundits, managers and fans alike. We are going to capture that experience and bring it to life in-game.’

Fans will apparently be able live the seasons of their favourite club as fixtures and upcoming clashes in real life are replicated, so allowing them to ‘play right along with the beats of the season’. Player form — displayed in detail within the team management screens — will change frequently, so players in form, or players struggling to keep form, will see their stats change throughout the season based on their real world performances.

FIFA 13 will be availble for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC from 28 September 2012.