CCP Games have released an update on what the the impending “Precursor” release of first-person shooter Dust 514 will usher in when it launches on 21st August.

‘Linking the intense front-line combat of Dust 514 with the galactic ship warfare of EVE Online has always been our keystone to building a vibrant community, and now that keystone is coming into place,’ said Executive Producer, Brandon Laurino. ‘With the Precursor release, we move Dust 514 from its standalone testing server over to the long-standing EVE Online test server, Singularity (aka “Sisi”). This means Dust 514 on PS3 and EVE Online on PC/Mac will be officially running on the same server.

‘When the Precursor closed beta build goes live, players on the Sisi server in Dust 514 and EVE Online can chat in real time and send in-game mail between games. We can’t wait to see what happens when these games collide in the same shared universe, and we’ll bring you more info on additional interconnectivity features as we move towards our next releases.

‘In the near future, players on the ground in Dust 514 will be able to request strikes from ships piloted by EVE Online players. Their accuracy and power determined by factors like your Dust 514 Merc’s skills and what turrets the EVE Online pilots have trained and fit to their spaceships. But Mercs on the ground won’t be helpless. We’ll soon add the Orbital Artillery outpost on the ground they can use to attack EVE Online ships in space.’

PS3 users will no doubt also be interested to hear that Dust 514 embraces keyboard and mouse controls which should see players provided with more accurate controls than the more traditional console control pad method. Those worrying about the potential for skewed results between control pad and keyboard users need not worry either with Laurino confirming that CCP are looking to install ‘controller-based filters’ into the title in subsequent updates.

Other updates to Dust 514 include:

Instant Battle Matchmaking – Players will be able to find their friends, form squads and jump quickly into battles together using “Instant Battle.” In addition, the matchmaking system has been implemented to intelligently place solo players and squads into matches based on skill, creating a more inviting shooter experience, especially for new players.

New Environments – Precursor brings Dust 514′s Galaxy system online, which assembles maps from components based on planetary attributes and what is built on the planet.

Free companion app on the Vita – The Dust 514: Neocom app will augment the gameplay experience enbaling players to customise their fittings, train skills, use the market, browse the starmap, and more.

We’ll have our first thoughts on Dust 514 in our hands-on preview soon.