I’m not generally of the mindset that a new batch of screenshots for any given game is particularly news worthy, but when that happens to be Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar’s latest in its crime series that’s bound to break every sales record for games (or films for that matter) upon its release I don’t mind bending the rules a little.

This latest triplet of screenshots entitled simply ‘Transport’ was uploaded on to the GTA V official website yesterday with the promise of more to come later this week.

Though we’ve had little to go on so far the build-up to the game might finally be gathering pace; quite how we’re meant to take screenshots which contain such richness and detail – especially when GTA V’s release systems have yet to be confirmed – is however an altogether different issue; next-gen or simply high-end PC, you be the judge.

For completion I’ve added in the couple of previously released shots, so bringing the running total of official screens to five. Enjoy.