UK retailers have responded to yesterday’s Nintendo Direct briefing – at which the Wii U’s EU release date was announced as 30th November – by announcing their own initial prices for the console.

While supermarkets ASDA and Tesco have yet to make their weight felt most other major retailers – Game,, Amazon, Blockbuster, Sainsbury’s, HMV – have confirmed pre-order prices; though don’t be surprised if these decrease the nearer we get to the Wii U launch window.

As it stands Sainsbury’s have come out strongest, offering the Wii U Premium bundle (which comes with family game Nintendo Land) and adding in Ubisoft’s survival horror ZombiU for £329.99, with and Game offering the exact same package for £20 more at £349.99.

Here’s the complete run-down of what we know so far:

Wii U Basic bundle

Amazon – £249.00
Blockbuster – £249.99
Game – £259.99
HMV – £249.99 – £259.99
Sainsbury’s – £249.99
Tesco – TBC

Wii U Premium bundle

Amazon – £299.00
Blockbuster – TBC
Game – £309.99
HMV – £299.99 – £309.99
Sainsbury’s – £299.99
Tesco – TBC

Wii U Premium bundle + ZombiU

Game – £349.99 – £349.99
Sainsbury’s – £329.99

Wii U games and accessories have also had prices attributed to them with most titles offered at £44.99-£49.99; a Wii U Pro Controller meanwhile will set you back £39.99; while a Wii U GamePad Cradle And Stand (for charging you devices in storage) is around £19.99 – though be aware that the same equipment is bundled as standard with the Wii U Premium bundle.

Too expensive, too confusing? Let us know what you think.