EA has announced details of FIFA 13 for Wii U, confirming a number of additions that make use of the console’s GamePad and its integrated touchscreen.

Families can play together in co-op mode, where one player manages and up to four others play, or players can manage their team on the fly, even interacting with the game’s player radar to send players on supporting runs, or set them to attacking or defensive for example. While tactical changes, formation tweaks or substitutions can also be made without pausing the action.

The new features don’t end on the sidelines either, by lifting the GamePad you can use the GamePad’s screen to aim the ball on set pieces and penalty kicks. Shaking the GamePad also activates ‘Touch Screen Shooting’ which removes the element of ‘hit and hope’ and allows for ‘pinpoint accuracy’ according to the official press release.

The full list of announced features is as follows:

Lift and Look: See the game from the player’s on-field perspective and enjoy creative new ways to take free kicks and penalties. Simply lift and look through the GamePad screen to aim the ball, put the desired curve on the shot, and let fly. Look to see which teammates are positioned for more dangerous opportunities.

Shake and Shoot — Enjoy complete control of shooting. Shake the GamePad to activate the shooting zone, touch the screen to pick a spot precisely on goal, and fire away.

Tap and Tackle: Take control of a specific defender by tapping on the player using the touch screen, taking all the guess work out of auto switching. Use the touch screen to man mark or tackle opponents simply by tapping on the attacking player and watching your closest defender mark or tackle him.

Precision Passing: Be more creative on the pitch, making decisive passes with precision and long balls with ease utilizing the touch screen.

Play Together: You decide how to play, either hands-on, manage, or play and manage. One player manages while up to four others play in Co-op Mode. Available in Exhibition Match, Tournaments and Career Mode.

Connect with Friends: Use the Friends Tab to interact with friends while playing the game. See friends online and message with them quickly and easily using touch-screen texting.

Complete Control: Full Team Management Control on the GamePad lets you change formations, make subs, switch player positions, change every facet of a team’s tactics, and even set man markers all without interrupting the game. Use the Interactive Radar to control all of your players on the pitch. Make your own defined defense splitting runs or get defenders to track back on defence.

Manage the Match: Take the reins as the manager and watch the game unfold, making key strategic real-time decisions using the GamePad. Make half-time team talks and try to motivate key players. Gamers can chose to manage the team in all of the main game modes, including Tournaments and Career, and can even intervene and take control if the outcome is in doubt.

Manager Hub: Analyze the match by looking at match or player specific stats to help make managerial decisions. Tap on any player to get full statistical analysis, including the opposition. See who’s having a great game or who is having a shocker. See where all the shots are being taken from to know where to strengthen or who to man mark. See a player’s performance stats and even their energy to help you make more informed substitutions.

Real-World Drama: Experience the same drama and storylines as the real world of football, either as a player or manager, with their consequences being played out on and off the pitch in Career Mode. See storylines play out in the press, experience the emotion and urgency of Transfer Deadline Day, and discover new talent using the scouting network.

Touch Screen Navigation: Utilize the Gamepad to quickly select your favourite game modes and features. A much simpler and quicker way to get to the action.