FuturLab, developers of the highly praised PlayStation minis shoot-’em-up Velocity, has signed a deal with Sony which sees the studio receive funds for the development of PS Vita titles in 2013. FutureLab even retaining control of its IP in what is something of a win/win for the studio.

‘We’re incredibly excited to be working closely with PlayStation over the next year, bringing our particular brand of twitchy fun to the PS Vita,’ said FuturLab’s MD, James Marsden. ‘Sony has provided a great package that means we retain full control of our IP, which is a perfect deal for us.’

Of perhaps even more interest is the carefully worded press release with a scattering of emboldened characters, and the curious statement that ‘The devil is in the details’. Picking out the highlighted letters spells out ‘fanpoweredflightnet’ and from there it’s no great leap to type ‘fanpoweredflight.net‘ into a browser; the result of which is teaser website with a countdown.

So what could the countdown mean? A sequel to Velocity, a upgraded Velocity (enhanced visuals, etc.) for Vita or a new venture entirely from FuturLab? Commence speculation or else simply check back in a couple of days.