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Adventure Time Card Wars for PC Windows or MAC Free Download

Adventure Time Card Wars for PC – Windows/MAC OS Full Version

Adventure time card wars are a fictional card game which was displayed in one episode of the Adventure Time. The adventure time card wars for pc developed by the Cartoon Network is among the most entertaining games you can ever play. The single eleven-minute episode spawned a real card game, which currently has both a version in the stores and the online version accessible for mobile.

Features of the game

The good thing regarding the Quest mode in the game is the fact that it’s long, therefore you have much gameplay right ahead of you. On top of that, one can play the missions several times & earn additional rewards every time you play. One is capable of earning cards, the game’s coins currency, & the premium gems currency, although the latter is often earned at very slow paces.
To get involved in a battle you should use energy. In this game, this is shown as hearts that have a limited supply. During the early levels of this game, one can reset their hearts always enough to maintain the pace for a number of hours prior to refilling them.

How to get gems

In order to continue enjoying the game, you will be required to refill the hearts through making payment for a gem. Now, since these are earned in a slow pace, you will need to secure them for getting cards instead. Each card will cost you three gems to purchase from your event chest, with another enabling you to spend ten thousand coins to get a card that is less powerful.
The combat system brings much competition with the addition of the dexterity feature. It is recommendable for more developers to utilize a same system in the casual card battles. This is a feature which sits at home for this particular genre.

Adventure time card wars gameplay

The playing area is categorized into 4 lanes, each of them made from the landscape card from every player, and every landscape might house in just one creature per unit of time. The basic gameplay entails clearing the lanes in order for the creatures may break through. You need to ensure that the creatures have a perfect shot down a lane and direct to the opponent’s living areas. The lanes restrict the players’ abilities but they assist in focusing the action. Gamers can focus on one zone each time, instead of worrying about a chaotic board.

• The game is built in a perfect theme
• The game action system is very interesting

• Unfair game monetization – you have to pay for the game upfront, and also spend more cash to remain competitive which lets down the game in a great way tremendously.
• No abilities to react to the actions of the opponent

Adventure time card wars Trailer

Download Adventure time card wars for Mobile and Tablet Version

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There is plenty to enjoy in this game. The humour accompanied with the decent gameplay paves way for an enjoyable gaming experience. Tournaments give everybody a prize for participation & this is a promising step, although the game should be generous with the gems particularly as you are going to be using them just to get more of them.


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