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Animal Super Squad for PC Download Free

Animal Super Squad for PC – Windows/MAC OS

Now this game called Animal Super Squad made by  DoubleMoose Games. Is something that… OK! Imagine this: if Angry Birds and Happy Wheels had a baby it will be this game. Believe me guys, I am telling the truth. My soul is tortured by laugh and fun while I am playing this game. The sickest mind on earth can`t come up with something like this. I mean this is amazing. Animal Super Squad is one of those games that’s equal parts ‘WTF?’ and ‘this is awesome!’. The premise is simple: get the chicken, sloth, fish or another animal of your choice to the end of the level in one piece. There are no coins to collect, no KONG letters to grab – just get from A to B. Think along the lines of BMX stunt title Trials and the recently released Bridge Constructor Portal and you’re halfway there. Avoid spikes, lava, spring-loaded boxing gloves and other dangers to make it to the finish line safely and the reward is access to the next brilliantly designed level. An abundance of checkpoints are scattered throughout, and with a simple push of ‘-‘, warping back to keep retrying those tough-to-beat sections is simple and quick.

Animal Super Squad Gameplay and Review

I am not actually sure what to say about this game. Because there isn`t a game like this anywhere on the planet. I think that our home planet could die in peace because we have this game. With physics being at the forefront of gameplay (take one look at the marketing and you’ll see), you’ll need to use the control stick so your Chicken hero can tilt his mode of transport for a long jump – or a lethal nosedive if misjudged. Tilt too much and the chances of blasting full-speed to your death are vastly increased. A few levels in and mastering the art of gradual flight and reaching the finish line safely becomes less frustrating and more enjoyable and is helped by the gradual and comfortable learning curve. Without any voice-over and very little text, the game still manages to pack in some subtle but effective humor. To the amusing (and cute) chirping of Chicken as he patiently sits in his jetpack car, to the ragdoll physics of the sloth dragging his lanky, hairy arms across the platforms; points of repetitive frustration are easier to swallow with tiny details that frequently keep us smiling from ear to ear.


  • Amazing gameplay
  • Great maps and levels
  • Very fun and excited cosmetics
  • The fun of the purest form


  • Litlle one-sided
  • Some levels are too hard
  • It is not free

Download Animal Super Squad on Mobile

  • Google Play Store – link
  • Apple App Store – link

How to Download and Play Animal Super Squad on PC

  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator software here
  3. Watch the videos below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favorite Android game on your desktop PC.


I will be honest and direct with all of you – JUST DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! This is something that should be played until your phone dies!!!

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