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Beat The Boss 4 for PC Download Free

Beat The Boss 4 for PC – Windows/MAC OS Full Version

Beat The Boss 4 is the kind of game every employee would like to have. The game developed by the Game Hive Corporation offers various options for hitting your boss. It depends on whether you would like to throw bombs or fruits at your boss. The game has a feature to help you in reducing your anger, it has ten maps and thirty interactive levels. It also has over 130 ( hundred and thirty ) premium weapons which can be adjusted by the user at each stage if they wish. The game has a total of 180 bosses that you should beat.

Features of the Game

Beat the Boss 4 accompanies four distinct categories together with extra weapons that you can upgrade- the developers have promised even more weapon options. Whenever you want to shoot your boss, some options you can select from include: shot gun, gas tank, machine gun, and flame thrower. In case you are interested in cutting & slicing, select from options like ninja stars, butcher knife, you can try creative thing like Fury of Zeus. Try everything out so that you can make the boss actually turn into dust & evaporate.

When you want to beat your boss while at his home ground (that is the office), do it using the various available office goodies, like pencils or exacto knives. How about smashing an egg on your boss’s face? There are many of them in the store. In case you want the boss to leave in a style, select firecrackers or the grenade pineapple.

Beat the boss 4 Experience

So as to make the gaming experience full, developers have spent a lot of time in the graphics & game elements, such that motion is very realistic & simulated, to an extent that it seems like a 3d game. Since the game is so famous throughout the world, developers have worked on different language types.

The game has perfect & easy to use controls. For instance, one can drag both the weapon & the boss using a single finger. One can select simultaneously between various weapon effects. This makes the gaming experience real. There are many options in this game (as you move from one level to the other) to upgrade the weapons of your choice. Developers have also designed three distinct levels of each weapon which implies that in time you are going to possess the capability to utilise it on the boss even more intensely. This is going to similarly earn you more coins when you use it on the boss. As the game becomes more known, players have come up with various groups on social media, like Facebook & Twitter so that they can explain their experiences. It becomes fun when one gets to share their boss kicking expertise with other Gamers in the world.

Beat the Boss 4 gameplay

Beat the boss 4 download free is easy to play, simply follow the guidelines below:
Getting free diamonds- diamonds are the currency used in this game and they are earned by simply clicking the “free diamonds” icon in the in-app store. Upgrading your weapons- once you obtain a new weapon, you should ensure that it is upgraded which allow you to eliminate the boss in the shortest time possible. Simply go to the store menu and click the “up” icon to upgrade. Dealing with the boss- the boss is going to pose you a challenge first in your first encounter. You are expected to beat your boss within the stipulated time first. In the second round, you should work on the force field which is like a shield for the boss.


• Stress relief (for many people)
• Somehow cheap in-app purchases
• Wide variety of weapon/boss capabilities
• Imaginative concept
• Detailed & colourful graphics
• Boss makes some random amusing comments while being hit, killed, or when revived


• Many of ads
• Huge lag
• Still have some bugs
• Emphasized on making the in-app purchases
• Frequent glitches which may even crash the game

Beat the boss 4 trailer

Download Beat the boss 4 for Mobile and Tablet Version

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Store Link

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