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Bethesda Pinball for PC Download Free

Bethesda Pinball for PC – Windows/MAC OS

Bethesda Pinball is an arcade mobile video game which presents its players with three awesome pinball tables. It was developed by the Zen Studios, the company behind a number of the pinball games. However, it was in collaboration with Bethesda Softworks that the game was published. The three pinball tables in the game are based on Doom, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout. It gives its players the opportunity to go exploring the secrets of an apocalyptic land devastated by atomic war. The game has both the single-player and multiplayer modes that a player can take part in.

Bethesda Pinball Gameplay and Review

Each of the three tables is built on the aspects of its respective title. However, various shooting mechanics and RPG have been implemented so that they are a little different from the regular pinball games. For instance, Fallout allows you to create a character, add stats that affect the melee damage, affect resistance to damage, and affect XP gain among others. You are also assigned one companion from the games that give bonuses. These bonuses may include higher attack and reduced loot. With Skyrim, you get the chance of equipping weapons, spells, armor plus other things. This captures the RPG aspect s of Bethesda Pinball. Through the same table, you get the chance to continue playing even your balls have run out without necessarily having to begin afresh.

The easiest of the threes table is Doom. In fact, many players have argued that it’s the best of them all. It lacks any features of RPG, even though shooter mechanics such as swapping of weapons have been implemented. For attacking targets that spawn on the board, multi-balls have been made frequent. In the table of Doom, the player is instantly teleported into the Doom world. This third table also features a Cyberdemon that takes shots at the player when the ball is fired by the player. Fallout features Supper Mutant that is always trigger-happy. Over the top of Skyrim table, a fire-breathing dragon constantly flies. To keep you occupied in the game, each of these tables also has a number of side-quests, objectives, and missions. If you shoot your ball up to the right ramp, you may achieve one of two things. One, you may activate a quest for searching in Fallout for a Railroad. Secondly, you’ll be given a task of escaping an attack from a dragon.

Game Features Tips and Tricks

• Tables
There are three tables in Bethesda Pinball. These are Doom, Fallout, and Skyrim. Each of the tables may contain specific tasks to perform or quests to complete.

• Balls
In this game, you aim to shoot the ball right into the ramp. If successful, you will be assigned some tasks, quests, and objectives to do and achieve.

• Shootings and RPG
The three tables have been implemented with some aspects of mechanics of shooting and RPG to give them the feel of the three types of pinball tables.


• The amount of enjoyable content in the game is sufficient
• There are many quests and tasks that you can be engaged in
• The graphics and sounds are great
• The gameplay is awesome


• Though free to download, if you want all the features, you have to pay some money
• The controls are not simple enough for new inexperienced players


Bethesda Pinball is a great arcade game with lots of enjoyable content for you. The idea of tables makes it quite an experience and always inviting. The free aspects of the game are enough to help you make a decision to pay for the complete game or not.

Download Bethesda Pinball on Mobile

Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link

How to Download and Play Bethesda Pinball on PC

  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator softwares here
  3. Watch the videos below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.

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