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How To Download BitLife on PC and Mac [Ultimate Guide]

Do you love playing BitLife – Life Simulator game? Have you found yourself glued to your phone lately?

Sure, playing games on the phone can be fun, but it can often be very frustrating and inconvenient. You may run into battery issues or miss many details you otherwise wouldn’t have if, say, your game was on PC. That’s why many gamers and players prefer to play their favorite games on PCs instead of smartphones.

Playing games for PC or Mac is also better as the navigation through the game becomes better, and you can experience smoother gameplay. However, the transition of playing the same game from your phone to your PC is not always easily possible.

Often, the game developers may offer PC or Mac versions of the android or iOS app. In some cases, though, you’ll find that there are no PC versions available. BitLife is one such game that comes without any PC or Mac versions. It’s available only as an app for android and iOS users.

How, then, to play and download BitLife on your PCs? You can easily do that by making use of android or iOS emulator software.

Let’s explore in detail how you can download BitLife on your Windows or Mac devices with ease.

Bitlife for PC - infographics. How to play Bitlife with top 3 android emulators.

How to Play BitLife – Life Simulator on Windows

Let’s check out the steps you can follow to download and play the BitLife-Life Simulator on your PCs and Macs.

Playing BitLife-Life Simulator On Windows

Playing the BitLife-Life Simulator on Windows can be done using two methods. One by downloading its APK file and playing it on your PC or using an android emulator.

Android emulators are tools that help you run an android or iOS app on your PC or Mac. These android emulators create an Android Virtual Device (ADV) on your PCs that allows you to install, uninstall, and run any app on your Windows or MacOS systems. It helps you play games like BitLife on a higher level as you can enjoy the game in more detail and accuracy with improved visibility and flexibility to use your keypad or mouse.

Some of the most popular android emulator Softwares are Bluestacks, Nox App Player, APowerMirror, MEmu, and more.

Steps To Playing BitLife on Windows

Here are the steps when using emulators like Bluestacks, Nox App Player, and MEmu.

  • First, download the emulator software on your Windows PC or laptop. Make sure to download the emulator from the official site to avoid installing any malware.
  • Install the emulator and run it on your Windows system
  • Next, open the emulator and sign in to the google play store.
  • Then search for any game you’d like to play; in this case, search up BitLife-Life Simulator in the search bar.
  • Once you find BitLife-Life Simulator, click on it and install the game on your Windows system.
  • Once the game is done being installed, open it and begin playing!
  • In emulators like APowerMirror, you’re also required to download its app version on your phone. After that, you’ll need to connect the Windows and Android software using USB debugging or WiFi. After this, you can begin playing your game.

It’s important to remember that one should be cautious not to download any fishy emulators when downloading android emulator software. Legit and trusted emulators like Bluestacks should be downloaded directly from their website. Otherwise, there may be instances where you can end up with bugs or malware in your systems if the emulator software you used was not trustworthy.

bitlife for windows

How to Play BitLife – Life Simulator on Mac

Playing BitLife-Life Simulator on MacOS instead of windows is not much different. Like in Windows systems, for MacOS, too, you’ll need to download an emulator and run it on your Mac system. Once the emulator software is up and running, you’ll need to search up BitLife- life simulator and install it. You can then begin playing. The one difference when using a Mac system would be that you’d need to download a Mac version of the emulator instead of Windows.

Steps To Playing BitLife on Mac

  • Download the latest version of the emulator software on your Mac system. Be sure to download it from the official site and not from any other third-party websites.
  • Then install the emulator on your Mac and run it.
  • Once the emulator starts working, search up google play store and sign in.
  • Create an account if you don’t have a google play store account.
  • Once you’re signed in, search up ButLife- Life simulator in the search bar.
  • Find the game and install it using the emulator.
  • Once you have installed the game, begin playing BitLife- life simulator.

Although you can easily and conveniently play BitLife-Life Simulator on your Mac using an Android emulator, you’ll be playing the android version on your PC.

This is because you’re using an Android emulator tool. If you wish to play the iOS version of the game, you’d need to use an iOS emulator tool.

bitlife for mac

BitLife Gameplay and Honest Review

BitLife – Life Simulator Overview

BitLife-Life Simulator is an interesting game that has become a popular and trending simulator game. It was developed by Candywriter, LCC, and allows you to play out your life, make decisions, and plan out your virtual life trajectory based on the choices you make. Your choices from when you’re an infant till you die will decide if you turn into a model citizen or lead a life of sin and crime.

You’ll have control over how you choose your friends, who you date, where you go for higher education- if you choose to, that is, what job you’ll do and more. You can also choose to change up to or customize your avatar or the country where you’ll live.

The game also offers some premium features after a paid upgrade, giving the players Bitizenship and allowing a seamless, ad-free game.

You can put effort into your education and your career and end up at the top, or you could choose differently and lead a different, adventurous life. It will all be depending upon the kind of choices you make from those presented to you.

BitLife-Life Simulator Review

The game often depicts the situations and story ironically and sarcastically. It’s not uncommon to see players relating the game’s events to real life and wonder what would have happened if they’d chosen differently. Although the games are fun and entertaining, it gets you thinking about life as well.

BitLife is an interactive story game that was tailored to simulate adult life. This text life simulation game can be addictive and highly entertaining. However, it’s recommended for people 16 years and above. It’s not suitable for kids due to the sexual and violent situations and instances of substance abuse involved. You can avoid them to some degree, but many options in the adult life section of the game can be inappropriate for young players. So parental control is advisable.

The game overall seems to be fun and addictive and simulates real-life scenarios very well. It can definitely be understood why BitLife is so popular. However, users may get frustrated with the constant ads and crashes. There are also instances when players have lost their paid Citizenship due to glitches, but such instances are few.

All in all, BitLife seems like an adventurous and enjoyable game for adults and older teens who like to indulge in a bit of creative imagination.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is focused upon the story going on throughout the game. This story is different for each player depending on what they end up choosing in their life. The app has an interface that works on the text-based system, relaying choices and explaining situations to the players using text pop-ups. There are no high-end graphics used in the game, but the overall design is simple and colorful.

Your profile will display your basic information like your name, occupation, age, some trivia about your life, and more when you begin. You’ll also have 4 bars that keep changing throughout the game depending on the choices you make. The 4 bars are that of Health, happiness, smarts, and looks.

There are quirky options like increasing your look using plastic surgery or increasing your happiness by dating someone.

The players are also given the option to control their assets. You can even inherit your’ in-game’ parent’s inheritance once they die. You can choose how to use the in-game money you acquire and can indulge in activities that range from simply going to the doctor’s office to murdering someone and more.

Most importantly, the players have a control overage. As they move up the age button and grow their character, they will be presented with interesting scenarios that will force them to take decisions over their lives.

bitlife for laptop

How to Download BitLife for PC

With how quickly the BitLife-Life simulator has risen in popularity, the influx of new players has also increased steadily. While many prefer playing on their mobile devices, many gamers love to get a better experience of playing a phone game by emulating it on their PCs.

There can be many reasons why you’d want to shift to your PC. Often, the battery consumption of a game is unfit for mobile use, in which case, switching over to PCs becomes an ideal choice. Some games also run more smoothly on PC than they do on smartphones due to the running systems differences.

Playing on PC is also more flexible as you can use your mouse or keyboards to go through the options and play the game conveniently instead of being hunched over a phone. You also get better visibility and clearer displays of the game.

Whatever the reason, playing any android game, like BitLife, which doesn’t yet have a PC version, is very much possible. The process of getting a game on your PC is nearly identical to the steps we used to play BitLife on Windows systems.

If your PC is running on a Windows operating system, all you need to do is follow the steps to get it installed and run on your PC. You’d need to download an emulator and log in to access the game using the google play store.

After which, you’ll be able to emulate the game on your PC and play without any hassle. You can also download the apk file of the game and then run it on your PC to start playing the game as well.

However, be sure to download the latest version of the emulator.

bitlife karen apk

How to Download BitLife MOD APK

APK files of any software or app can be very handy, especially if the said app or software has been discontinued. You can use the APK version of games, apps, and software to access them through other devices if they’re unavailable on PCs or Macs.

As BitLife-Life Simulator is a game that’s only variable on android and iOS devices and smartphones, it can get tricky trying to get it on your PC or laptops.

Using an APK file of the game can be one way to get the game on your PC systems. As we have covered the steps to downloading the BitLife game on PCs, let’s check out the steps to download BitLife MOD APK files to play the game on your PCs.

Steps To Download

  • Go to your device’s settings option and enable the option to download from “unknown resources.”
  • Then search online for BitLife MOD APK files and download one of your choices.
  • Once you’re done downloading and installing the apk, file, open it on your device.
  • Log into the game and begin playing BitLife.

If you’re not downloading the BitLife MOD APK. on your smartphones and want to install it on your PC instead, you’ll need to download the apk. File using the android emulator software. Once you’ve downloaded it on your emulator, give the app permission to run, and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

BitLife can be a fun and amusing game that can give you the taste of the What if in life. While it’s fun to play it on your android and iOS devices, nothing can beat a smooth, wide display playing experience on PCs and Macs.

So, now that you know how to get BitLife on your PCs and Macs, you can begin playing your game now.

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