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Brave Frontier For PC Download Free

Brave Frontier For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Brave Frontier is a role-playing mobile game with its origins from Japan. It was developed by A-Lim and published in conjunction with Gumi. This Japanese game is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Amazon Kindle Fire. In Japan, it was released on July 3rd, 2013. However, Gumi Asia released it worldwide in December of the same year. It belongs to a sequel series that was scheduled for release in 2017 but was still under development. The modes include Raid, Arena, Vortex, Quest, Guild, Frontier Gate, and Frontier Hunter.


The story of the game is based on a given summoner. To be able to access a new area with new features, the player must have completed stages that come before it. To make friends, a player can send a friend request. In the quest mode, there is room for bringing up a total of 5 units at each given stage. When a player attacks units in battles, they are rewarded with Heart Crystals and Brave Burst Crystals. Proceeding to the next stage requires that a player defeats enemies until they attain the status of the boss. The rewards that you gain upon completing a level include items, Karma and Zel. Each of the missions completed successfully helps the player to acquire units. A reward of one gem is issued to a player who completes the entire area. In case the player fails to complete a quest, they’ll need to spend one gem in order to proceed.

A unit has an ability to execute brave bursts which are special attacks. These attacks make the player gain stats that are a source of advantage over opponents and give booth health.However, quests are not the only feature in the game. Units obtained from each mission can be fused with others so as to level them up. A unit gains the ability to evolve once it reaches its max level. Inside the Vortex Gate mode, there are event quests. This allows a player to get revolutionary units known as Zel. Alternatively, there are units which are promotional and are rare. These units are not available in Rare Summons.


• RPG combats based on turns
The burst and spark systems of the game add a great experience through the in-depth turn-based system which is unique.

• Collection of units
There are more than 200 units that the player can collect. There is a huge number of beasts and gods that you can use to crush your enemies and defeat them.

• Co-operative Gameplay
A player can join forces with other gamers and try out awesome items and card drops. This is done through chipping away at the health of boss.

• Collection and fusion of cards
The game has the feature to summon monsters and collect them from the missions and quests available in the game. When fused and evolved, the monsters become even stronger.

• PvP Arena
To get amazing rewards, the player can play in the arena of the game and fight against other gamers.


• The number of characters to collect is huge
• The gameplay is fun and nostalgic
• The artwork and soundtrack is awesome


• PvP arena has issues with balancing
• The play is energy based, limiting the length each play session


Brave Frontier mobile game is quite addictive to players who are just beginning to play RPG games and experienced players. If you haven’t tried out yet, it is high time you did it by downloading it. The experience will definitely be thrilling to you.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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