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Cytus II For PC Download Free

Cytus II For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Cytus 2 mobile game is an Action, Rhythm, and Music video game that was released on January 18th, 2018 for iOS devices and on March 7th, for Android devices. The game was developed by a Taiwanese game company known as Rayark International Limited. It belongs to the Cytus sequel, an original game by the same developers. Cytus II has sleek visuals, and outstanding music, and a unique message-based system of a story that is instant. The developer has developed four games in total now and their games have been a success. The game features a mysterious legend by the name AEsir. The music of the mysterious DJ has some kind of charm on people. He holds his first mega virtual concert and he invites other DJs who become his opening acts.


Cytus 2 has quite an elaborate gameplay. In the virtual mega internet space known as cyTus, the mysterious DJ legend by the name of AEsir is availed. The charm that his music has cannot be easily resisted. He holds a first huge music concert and invites other top existing DJs. At the same time, he invites virtual idols as the opening acts in his mega concert. It is this concert that is referred to as Cytus II. Unlike the case with the original Cytus, a player has a choice of 5 leveling-up artists. In the base game, there are three and two more are available in the in the in-app purchases. Each of these artists has to feature a selection of 10 music tracks from some of the current artists in specific countries.

These selections must be unique to each artist and the songs are from countries such as Korea, Japan, Europe, The US, and Taiwan among others. The rhythm aspect if the game is very basic. Depending on the track that is being played, the Judgment Line moves up and down the speed at varied speeds. The player has to tap, track or hold notes by the use of the fingertips as the line is passing. The tracking is great and has three different levels of difficulties. This range from, “Oh God” to “Oh This Is Fine” There is a virtual message board known as iM between the tracks where the game story is slowly unfolding. On this board, fans can interact by gossiping and discussing their most favoured artists. When you unlock a new track, the iM first shows it and the fans get to discuss the music’s merits.


• Active Judgment Line Rhythm playstyle
A player achieves a high score by tapping the notes as they are being hit by the judgment line.

• 60 High-quality songs
The game features a total of sixty songs of high quality. The base game has 30 of the songs and the other 30 can be found on the in-app purchases.

• Charts
There are up to 180 charts that are all different and are designed to range from easy to hard.

• Virtual world exploration
There is iM which is a unique story system which helps in leading the players and the characters in the game in order to slowly piece together the Cytus II world story.


• It has an interesting gameplay
• The storyline is engaging
• The music is a great aspect of the game
• The game allows players from different parts of the world to interact musically with one another


• The game has some minor bugs that need fixing


Cytus II mobile video game is a nice and enjoyable game, especially for those who love musical games. It’s an addictive and entertaining game.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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