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Dead Rivals for PC Download Free

Dead Rivals for PC – Windows/MAC OS

At last, there is a game made by the giants GAMELOFT and it’s called Dead Rivals. I am telling you that for a long time I have been waiting for something like this. And it looks like my prayers have been heard. Guys, I am presenting you with great pleasure this amazing action MMORPG game which is something incredible for any android device. Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is one of its kind game and has already attracted a lot of audiences prior to the official release. The game set in a vast field where survival is everything and you are fighting for in a post-apocalyptic world where your ultimate mission is to kill the zombies and find a safe haven for the people. Blow the enemy to smithereens with your upgraded ammunition, a lot of it, including guns, grenades and everything you need to get a fully fledged MMO experience. Kill the zombies in style. Customize your character’s look by choosing the clothes, face and the hair color you like. The details about the game and the characters are something really impressive.

Dead Rivals Gameplay and Review

And now I am very grateful that I can make a gameplay review of this baby! Just like the majority of mobile MMORPGs, this release takes advantage of an auto-play mechanic that does all the heavy lifting for you. All you really have to do is follow the instructions on the screen and tap on an arrow every so often to continue on your journey. But sadly this is not where the similarities end. You can also expect loot boxes, multiple currencies, convoluted upgrade paths for your weapons, costly cosmetic items. Now the thing is, the performance is abysmal. Not only is it difficult to get the game to go past the start screen if you do get it to load you will instantly notice a ton of jitter as if the game can’t keep up with your movement. I would assume this has to do with Gameloft’s servers not being able to handle the number of people jumping into this title on release day. So hopefully things get better with time as the server population evens out. However, the game is not a cake walk and you’re going to need to plan strategically to save people from the apocalypse. To master the game, all you need to do is to use the right tactic at the right time. The game also has an inbuilt screenshot option so you can flaunt your skills in front of your peers too by taking snaps between your gameplay.


  • Great graphics and gameplay
  • Amazing storyline
  • MMO game with a lot of equipment
  • Nice leveling system


  • A pretty heavy game, some device can`t handle it
  • The servers are slow

Download Dead Rivals on Mobile

  • Google Play Store – link
  • Apple App Store – link

How to Download and Play Dead Rivals on PC

  1. You need to download and install Android emulator on Windows or MAC.
  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator software here.
  3. Watch the videos below each emulator for proper installation guides.
  4. Enjoy playing your favourite Android game on your desktop PC.


A nice and addictive game, Definitely worth trying it, but it is pretty heavy and some guys will be disappointed.



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