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Bullet Force is a first-person shooter game developed by Lucas Wilde in 2016 and released through Blayze Games in March 2018. It is designed for devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. On the Apple platform, it requires an operating system of 8.0 or newer, whereas on Android devises it requires 4.2 and greater. It is also available for PC and Mac computers.

What’s it all about?

Basically, Bullet Force is just another shoot-em-up game, but it is an extremely fast-paced up-to-date multi-player action game that has the advantage of being free. The capability of being able to control the many customizing features of your weapons is one of the hi-lights that makes this game so attractive to game pro’s and novices alike. The gun choices that are made available to you are quite impressive, the only downside is that they can prove to be quite expensive. The last weapon that is made accessible in the primary section of the game is the M200 sniper rifle which will set you back 210,000 credits.

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Even though there has been a criticism of the quality of the graphics, this game is a lot of fun and the multiplayer aspects are what will drag you in. One nice feature is the ability to customize the controls. This is extremely important because of the fact the Bullet Force can be played on so Many different devices. One of the nicest things about the control customization is the ability to personalize the sensitivity and placement to suit your own needs.

Game Modes:

There is not a storyline as such in Bullet Force, it is a game of skirmishes set in several different locations. There has been a little criticism of the game as one of the locations is an office building, which some may say is a little politically incorrect, but ultimately, it is the user that needs to make that decision.

The different modes in Bullet Force are all designed to enhance the enjoyment of the game to different users. All of the modes are capable of weapon customization not only in their functions but also in the way that they look. There is the “Team Deathmatch” mode or the “Free for all” mode which is as it sounds, EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELVES. There is also the “Conquest” mode which requires the player to capture different points on the game map to build up a point score. Then there is the fun mode called “Gun Game” where you are faced with the dilemma of your weapon changing randomly. Your skills as a marksman will be put to the test in this mode.

Are there any bugs?

Because Bullet Force was developed in 2016, it has been around for quite a while, so all of those little annoying hiccups in the program have been nailed out. There was a bug with some of the purchasing functions of the game, but that was eliminated with version 1.33 (build 223). There have also been improvements to the user interface as well as a new extended range of weapons available to purchase and more missions for the user to explore and enjoy.

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(A little hint) there is actually a single player mode in Bullet Force where you face static opponents. This is a really good way to practice and get used to all of the controls before you go into complicated and dangerous missions.

Some things you should know:

Before you play Bullet Force be aware of some little things that may help you along the way. Your choice of weapons will be crucial to your survival so it is important to know what some of the characteristics of the guns available are. The AK47 is one of the most popular guns in Bullet Force but it does have some idiosyncrasies that you should be aware of. Now the majority of game players will know that this weapon has fantastic range and accuracy, but it’s not very reliable when a precise long-range shot is required, and the rate of fire is not the quickest.

Then there is the M200 sniper gun, which most will tell you is the best sniper gun in the game at this time, but….it takes two seconds to reload, so take cover if you are under fire. The other downside to this weapon is its expense, you have to ask yourself it is worth the purchase or not. If you like close range fighting, there are a couple of shotguns available. The 870 MCS and the Saiga 12K. Both of these weapons are excellent at close range but be prepared…..if you are on the move, either running or in sprint mode, the accuracy of the guns goes out the window.

On-line help:

Players who like to enjoy games at a more relaxed pace will be very happy to know the Bullet Force has released a hack designed to relieve the frustration that the once-a-week-player encounters. Like most games, it can take several days to complete a section, this is ok if you are a pro player, but those who do not find it extremely annoying. The people at Bullet Force have recognized this and have made available the “Bullet Force Hack Tool”. This tool is completely free from detection and lets you generate gold and credits (unlimited) to your account, oh…and it’s free and available 24/7 online.

What now?

Ok, you now have a little more knowledge about Bullet Force and its features, why not download a version for yourself and experience the fun that this game has to offer. There are mixed reviews surrounding Bullet Force, but the only way to really find out about the games is to actually play it. If you need to kill time on a plane, train or automobile then bullet force is just the game for you.

Bullet Force is rated at 8/10 by most reviewers. It would have rated better apart from two things. The scare factor is minimal and in some cases, the controls can be a little difficult to use (depending on the device).

How to Play Bullet Force on Windows and Mac

Basically, you need to install Android emulator.

Getting an Android emulator such as Blue Stacks and Nox Player on your system is the way you can do this. It allows you to install and play mobile games and use other mobile applications on your laptop.

After installing your emulator, the steps to get your game working are easy and quick. On your Google Play store, you’ll find the Bullet Force which can then be installed and launched.
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Windows / MAC

Bullet Force Windows Gameplay

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