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Final Rest For PC Download Free

Final Rest For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Final Rest is an adventure, first-person short experience that is set to be released on TBA 2018. It’s developed and published by Slipgate Studios LLC. This game gives the player a chance to have an experience with their worst fear, the fear of death. It is not an interactive game that engages the player in a short durations lasting about 4 minutes. It tests your level of fears as you undergo surgery. The story involves a butcher who used to work around the asylum which turns into a hospital. The player is then able to experience things that he has committed on victims personally. The player wakes up and finds themselves in a nightmare.


The game takes a short duration which is about 4 minutes. The short experiences which are non-interactive are full of horrific adventures with the butcher. It is meant to be issued at parties by the use of props. It gives the host of a party a chance to scare his/her guest. The guest is faced with the most common phobias among people such as fierce dogs, rats, claustrophobia, hypodermic needles, spiders, blood, and ultimately death. Ideally, it was designed to make use of props such as compressed air cans, feather duster, water spray bottle and other items. The player supposed to surprise the guest as they lead them to the final rest.

The game is like a real-life experience to many players, especially those who have many fears and phobias. Each of the non-interactive sessions lasts four minutes during which you are faced with some of the worst fears that you would not stand in real life. When taking part, you are taken to a virtual world with you lying on a surgery table. The butcher then appears on your sight and you are able to see what is being done on your imaginary body. The activities that the butcher does on you as the surgeon are very scary. The game is made up of horrific events. This makes it not suited for the young groups of individuals. Each of the individual phobias included in the game can be used on specific players whose fears are closely related to the specific phobia in that level. As it seems, starting out may not be easy as most people are likely to freak out at the sight of what happens in the “other world”.


• Phobias
The game is going to have many aspects that relate to the phobias of most individuals. These include fear of death, rats, insects, spiders, blood, fierce dogs, and rats.

• The butcher
This character starts out as a surgeon who is supposed to conduct a surgery on your body. He then turns into a ruthless character and begins doing scary things to you.

• Props
The game is designed to be used with props such as a can containing compressed air, a spray bottle containing water, feather duster, etc.


• The game is a good experience for people who have phobias and would like to fight them off

• Though it is interactive, the gameplay is well set

• The expected audio-visual effects are good


• This game is not suited for young people and those who can be hugely affected by the experiences found in this video game.

Final Rest ON MOBILE

Google Play Store – link

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