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Hyper Sentinel For PC Download Free

Hyper Sentinel For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Hyper Sentinel mobile is a game that borrows a lot from the 1970s-80s games. The game whose release date is slated for early 2018 was developed by Four5Six pixel game developers. Hyper Sentinel was published by Huey Games and acts as a link between today and the past. It is suited for those gamers who are enthusiastic about what used to be known as neo-retro shoot ��em up which was prevalent at the time. It expected to be playable on a wide range of platforms which will include the Android and iOS devices. It brings out the current generation and the older group of individuals to be able to enjoy the same game equally.


Hyper Sentinel mobile game features 12 levels. Each of these levels is an arena style area based on a ship that the player must destroy. Each of the levels goes through and progresses in a similar manner. You’ll first need to destroy stationary targets on the ground. Once you’ve successfully destroyed these targets, you go ahead and fight the boss. All this while, the enemy fighters also keep harassing you. As each level progresses, they become harder and harder with each of the levels presenting bosses that are unique to it. When you reach the later levels, you realize that you regularly meet bosses that are quite similar to the ones you had met earlier. Hyper Sentinel also features levels based on arenas.

These let you make the most out of the map by moving from one side to another. There are also varieties of special abilities and weapons that are at your disposal throughout the levels. For instance, you’ll find a weapon known as the twin laser beam which you can use to shred through the enemy. Abilities include maces that can fly around your ship, smashing enemies apart, score multiplier boosts and shields. The player’s ship also has certain abilities not provided by collectables. The modern aspect of auto-healing is available in the game that comes to play when you’ve played long enough short of damages. There are also boosters which increase your speed enabling you to catch up with pickups that race away from you. A dodging feature comes in while you are in motion. When changing direction by flipping, you’re briefly made invulnerable. This feature is perfect for auto-regeneration when your energy levels drop too low.


• Levels
There are 12 levels in the game each of which is an area that requires that a player destroys a ship in an arena.

• Targets
There are targets that are stationary on the ground and those that are pacing away and you need to destroy them all.

• Bosses
Once you’ve destroyed all the targets on your path successfully, you must destroy the bosses who are available in each of the 12 levels.

• Special abilities and weapons
You can use special abilities such as dodging and auto-regeneration to sail through the levels successfully. There are weapons such as the laser beam that come in handy for destroying enemies.

• Boosters
These help in boosting your speed, enabling you to catch up with pickups that get away from you.


• The game is suitable for the older generation as well as the younger generation

• It has a great gameplay and is full of fun

• The graphics and the soundtrack is awesome


Hyper Sentinel mobile game is a classic combination of the older games and the aspects of the modern gameplay. The developers promise an amazing experience for game lovers and from those who have had a test on different platforms, it is going to be a great hit.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator softwares here
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