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Infinitode For PC Download Free

Infinitode For PC – Windows/MAC OS

Infinitode mobile video game is a tower defence game that allows a player to build many towers running into thousands. The game that was developed and published by Prineside/Vadym Sakhno has many levels of upgrades. The game was released on April 1st, 2017 for mobile platforms. It can be found in AppStore as well as Google Play Store. Graphically, it’s a simple game but is quite complex in strategy and gameplay. All these towers are built at the same time. The different types of towers are helpful in defending your own base from the enemy crowds. It’s also the towers that you build that help you to unlock new levels, and in the process, trying to the top wave.


When playing Infinitode, the creatures being fought are simple shapes that are just moving around without a care. The enemy creatures are aiming to destroy you and collect all your possessions. There are four levels in each game. Upon starting the game, level 1 is the first one you come across. The map is composed of 20 roads which lack split-offs. The difficulty Portal of this level is 70% and one can only get 5 tile bonuses. Out of the 5, only one of the 5 tiles can cater for a specific tower, or Freezing. Certain towers at this level don’t have to fully upgrade. This depends on where they are placed. The second level is level 2.

To open it, you’ll have to spend about 1500 Green Papers. With this, there should also be Max waves that total to 65 which must be the total that a player completes from the previous level. This level contains a map with 24 roads and lacks split-offs. The difficulty Portal of Level 2 is around 81%. The main focus of this level is Damage and Range and has bonuses that total to 8 tiles. After Level 2 is the Level 3. The 31 roadmap contains a single split-off halfway through. The Portal percentage difficulty level here is 80%. The bonuses here are 16 tiles. The biggest focus here, however, is on the Damage, specifically the Chain Lighting Damage. The fourth and final level in Infinitode game is Level 4.


• Level Maps
Each of the four levels has a huge number of maps containing up to 1024 tiles each. The levels are endless and the higher the enemy waves, the higher the number of prizes.

• Ability to edit maps
There is a map editor for every map associated with the four levels.

• Upgrades
The game features many hundreds of global upgrades that are global. Each of the upgrades affects each of the games that you play.

• Completely free
Unlike most other games, Infinitode is a completely free game. You can upgrade and unlock everything by using the in-game currency.


• There are many tower options; over a dozen
• The player has the ability to virtually build anywhere
• The optimization options for the game are awesome


• The graphics are very minimalist
• After playing for a while, the gameplay becomes repetitive


Infinitode mobile game is quite an immersing game with a good gameplay for the players. Anyone who is into mobile games should try it out.


Google Play Store – link

Apple App Store – link


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  2. Please choose one of the 5 best emulator softwares here
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